Wine tasting tour

After meeting with the guide you will be transferred in Durres. Durres is the largest port of Albania. It also has the status of one of the oldest settlements in Albania being founded in 7th century BC from Greek colonists. Being in such favorable position in the Adriatic Sea, Durres (named Epidamnum from Greeksand Dyrrachium from Romans) has always been envied and was a very influential city under the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires as an important connection point. It’s importance still lives today as being one of the most influential cities in the country’s economy. Arriving in Durres, the exploration of the city starts with a visit of the Roman Amphitheatre of Durres, the largest in the Balkans built since 2nd century BC. Roman influence here continues with the Trajan’s Baths and the Roman Forum. The famous road of Roman Empire, Via Egnatia, started from Durres as the gateway to the Balkans and hence the Romans fortified the stronghold in Durres which was later reconstructed again by Byzantine Empire and the Venetians, from which Durres inherited the Venetian Tower standing at the beginning of the boulevard. Next follows a relaxing stroll along the boulevard alongside the shore of the sea. Colorful buildings on one side and the sea on the other offer a special pleasure. On the boulevard there are monuments like the Unknown Soldier, a tribute to the lost soldiers of the liberation army of WW2, etc. After the visit in Durres, you will be transferred to Scanderbeg winery for a visit and wine tasting. The Skenderbeu Winery was founded in 1929 by an Italian family with note able experience in the growth and development of premium wine. Their combined experience in enology, viticulture and wine marketing brought a unique background to the Winery. They also invested in the vineyard in the Sukth hills, were there were cultivated the first varieties, Barbera/Sangiovese and Riesling. They used the latest technology of the time for the wine production; the winery capacity was 1300HL. As time went by, the system changes in our country leadership were reflected in the winery management. In 1960 the vineyard surface grew to 1500ha, and was located in all the Durres county area, it was enriched with different varieties like: Merlot, Kabërnet, Riesling, Shesh i Bardhë, Shesh i Zi, Muskat kanellë, Muskat Hamburg, Pamid, Zarsin, Shiroka Mellnishka, Dimiat etc. After the delicious time at the winery you will be transferred back to Tirana for the end of your journey.


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