Ohrid, the Jerusalem of the Balkans

After meeting with the guide and driver you will be transferred in Ohrid, Macedonia Ohrid, the so called Jerusalem of the Balkans, is a city in the Republic of Macedonia located in the Easter shores of Lake Ohrid. It has had a continuous inhabitation since its first settlements in 4th century BC from the Illyrian tribes of Enchelai and Dassaretae, mentioned as the city of Lychnidos. Since the first centuries of Christianity, here the faith set roots so much that once is has been noted that had 365 churches, one of each day of the year. The city and the area were colonized by the Slavs but the city continued its prosper under many Empires. Due to the cultural inheritance from the centuries and being well preserved, Ohrid and the lake in 1978 were included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Today Ohrid is the jewel of Macedonia and the pearl of Lake Ohrid. Your visit will start to the old quarter of Ohrid. The traditional houses, build close to each other have created some cobbled narrow streets like a labyrinth. They will lead you to the churches of Ohrid where the most important and the most special one is St. Sophia Church, coming from 9th-10th century from Bulgarian Empire, housing important medieval art of paintings, icons and frescoes. Other special religious attractions are the churches of St. Bogorodica Perivlepta from 13th century, the St. Jovan Kaneo from 13th century, St. Pantelejmon Plaosnik Monastery from 10th century, etc. On the way up you will also see the Roman amphitheatre, a one of a kind in Macedonia coming since almost 2000 years ago. Up in the Saint Klement Pantelejmon Church, named after the saint patron of Ohrid, is one of the most beautiful mosaics of the Balkans, a Christian one, on the floor of the church. Being in Ohrid, the best place to have lunch is, of course, by the lake. And before continuing the itinerary back to Tirana, you will have lunch in a fancy restaurant by the shores of Lake Ohrid. After lunch you will be transferred back to Tirana for the end of your jorney.


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