Off Road Trip in Central Albania 

After meeting with the guide and embarking on the jeeps, you will continue towards Shengjergj village which is located behind the Dajti Mountain. In Shengjergj you will make a short stop to stretch your legs before continuing towards Elbasan for 3 hours off road drive. This exciting off-road excursion in search of adventure, will allow you to cover parts of southern Albania and appreciate sights that most visitors never get to discover. We’ll drive on dirt roads off the beaten track, through rivers and old plantations from the Ionian coast into the heart of the central Albania. You will see a variety of birds, old rural villages and typical Albanian houses and families. Learn the real life of the rural part of the small but charming country of Albania. Once arrived in Elbasan, you will have lunch in a very special restaurant located inside the old castle of Elbasan. After lunch you will drive towards Tirana for the end of your journey.


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