Cooking lessons

After meeting with the guide, you will be transferred for 60 minutes towards Kruja. As members of a prominent Albanian aristocratic family, the young George Kastrioti and his three brothers were taken hostage and brought up in the Sultan’s court where Scanderbeg attended military school and later fought in the Ottoman army. When the Ottomans were defeated by a multinational Christian army in the Battle of Nis in 1443, Skanderbeg and his troops defected and retuned to Albania where they re-took the Kastriotis’ family’s fortress at Kruje. In the following years, Scanderbeg successfully united the Albanian ruling families against the common enemy and managed to fight off the Ottoman armies until his death in 1468 thus effectively halting their invasion further into Western Europe. Kruje was the center of the Albanian resistance against the Ottomans led by Skanderbeg. Driving along the winding mountain road, you will reach the town’s main square marked by the equestrian statue of Skanderbeg wielding his sword. Continuing uphill and above the town, you will reach the historic fortress and citadel which successfully withstood three Ottoman sieges led by Sultan Murat and later by his son Sultan Mehmed II – the conqueror of Constantinople (now Istanbul). It was only after Skanderbeg’s death that the fortress finally fell and the Albanian resistance was suppressed. One you are in Kruja you will visit the castle and Ottoman-style covered bazaar. After the short visit of Kruja you will be transferred to city market to buy some fresh vegetables and some local products and than head to Restaurant Panorama. After arrival, you will be welcomed inside the restaurant Panorama, meet the Chief learn about traditional Albanian cooking and food. Help the the chief inside the kitchen to prepare your tasteful lunch. Once finished lunch you will be transferred back at the meeting poing in Tirana for the end of your jorney.


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