Ancient Apollonia

After meeting with the guide you will be transferred in Apollonia. Apollonia is one of the ancient colonies of the Greeks, dedicated to God Apollo. Founded in the turn of the 6th century BC by Greek colonist from Corinth and Corfu, Apollonia soon became one of the most important city-states in the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. In antiquity it has been famous for the production of tasty wines, olive oil and for its philosophy school, where Emperor Augustus studied. There have been found objects from both Greek and Roman influence and today, in the remains of the mighty city that once stood, you can see many of the parts of the ancient Apollonia depicting both periods. It was so important that the Romans built a branch connection Via Egnatia to Apollonia, especially for Apollonia. The city started losing its importance in 3rd century AD because of a destructive earthquake. Once you have visited the park and the museum of Apollonia you will have a traditional lunch in a restaurant inside the park. After the lunch you will be transferred in Tirana for the end of your journey.


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